Congratulations, you have been called for an interview! It means that your cover letter and CV have aroused a good impression and that recruiters and the HR managers want to know more about you. For most people a job interview is extremely stressful. The best weapon to overcome the tension and make a successful interview is a good preparation. Read more ... read on.

  • INFORMATION ABOUT THE COMPANY. First of all, you have to make sure you know as much as possible about the company you would like to make a successful interview. This information not only will help you understand if your values are aligned with those of the company, but will perceive the interviewer your seriousness. Look at the company's website, check out the annual reports and read the company newsletter. Try to get information about the internal structure, on the long-term objectives and corporate philosophy. Stay up to date on news related to the company or the industry, and use the company to figure out what kind of image the company wants to convey outside. More details are in, the better you can prepare yourself for the successful interview.

  • CONSIDER LONG ABOUT THE JOB DESCRIPTION. Analyzed in detail the job description. Based on what it looks like the job, you can easily figure out which questions will be addressed during the interview. Moreover, looking at the job description, could come up to you any questions to. Prepare yourself these questions to get a successful interview. Remember what you drove candidarvi and explain it during your successful interview. Take a final look at the CV and cover letter: the company has called you for a reason, so be sure to know your key strengths before starting successful interview.

  • PRACTICE ON WHAT TO SAY. Practice using what you say. Do a search on what are the most common questions in a successful interview and test your answers. Supplemented with examples from your own experience, that highlight why you are the right people for that position. If there are specific events or important points to report, write them down and try to figure out how to integrate them in the answers. Ask a friend to help you prepare and make you do some 'practice in feedback, so as to achieve greater ease and deal with the successful interview.

  • REMEMBER THAT IF THEY HAVE CALLED YOU THERE IS A REASON. No company invites a candidate to an interview if he is not really interested. Remember this: it will help you maintain a confident and calm attitude during the successful interview.

Little tricks / tips to get ready to work.