Contacts and personal data must be kept up to date. Allow an old email address, or phone number of the house when you're actually getting out, losing time to those who seek you and opportunities to you. Put them well in evidence in order to always be readily available.



If the photo is required, enter it. Photobooth format and appropriate clothing. The long shot by the sea to leave the cover of Facebook ...


Do not exceed the length. Three pages maximum, preferably two. Select. Do not be like with subjects in high school: to use large fonts only serves to fill more space, but it is useless if it does not add anything significant.


Customize not harmful. A European type standard format is fine if so specified but opt for something different, provided that clear, neat and legible, however, conveys an idea of originality and uniqueness.

Give an order to the sections. Logical and chronological. The first internship is never forgotten, but at the top it is better to enter the ultimate experience. Typically the closest, not only in time, what you want to do. The same principle also applies to the training ..




Completeness and consistency. Indicate the degree score for the masterful but not for three years, enter the computer skills ignoring the language, not only confusing but let us imagine that the omissions hiding something voluntarily. should be transparent: clear agreements and friendship (or career) long.

Relevance. No one wants to know what tests have you taken and on what date, but the title of a thesis related to the next area of employment can be substantial. As well as three months in Nepal around the Annapurna or 10 years at a competitive level swimming are not only a memorable holiday or an unforgettable experience of life but also a good way if you want to apply as a mountain guide or a clerk in a store for sports equipment.


The dogma of immutability of the CV is not necessarily such. Better to change the cover letter if you want to suggest an interpretation rather than another but one exception to the rule can be done if privileges a couple of entries instead of other.

Not "dope" your characteristics. If you've ever watched a movie or read a book in English, and especially if the announcement transpires that the requirement is essential, avoid to impersonate native speakers. Just a question during the interview to find out. Then it will be too late to remedy. And to remedy it will remain only a bad impression.



Add a reference to your online profiles is fine but watch all'autogol. Take the case of the search for a commercial role. If on Linkedin talk about economics and marketing no problem but if Twitter just football discuss with tones from the south curve maybe avoids inserting the link. If we also avoid the excesses in general is good.

The little tricks / tips to get ready to work.